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Tank Trouble 3 Unblocked Game Overview:

Tank Trouble Unblocked 3 game also has the same features which every version for tank trouble has. The only one change in this tank trouble version 3 is you can play the game with 3 players. Which is a great edition by tank trouble game developers. Everyone is enjoying the 3 version because directly 3 players can play the game at a time. The competition in the game increases and the keeping yourself safe from the opponents will be more difficult. Enabling this new player in the game has increased its growth in the market. Many people are loving it.
tank trouble 3 unblocked

Game control for Player 1 will same as other versions like 4 keys for movements and M key for shooting. For Player 2, the Movement keys are E, S, D & F and Q key for Shooting. For Player 3, Using Mouse for Movements and Right click for shooting.

You will thoroughly enjoy playing the game for sure. Start playing and start winning the games.