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Tank Trouble Unblocked: Choose your tank, aim well and take your shot. Be victorious and defeat your enemies in tank maze.

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About Tank Trouble Unblocked

Tank Trouble Unblocked is the Awesome & Interesting Legendary Maze Game which everyone loves to play. The Game is all about Tanks, Battles and a intelligence between the Player and the System. It makes you feel like you are in a battle war to win the War. You will have more excited about this game if you play 2 player game. One as You and the other Your Friend. It makes more fun to play tank trouble unblocked at school with friends.

tank trouble unblocked

The tank trouble unblocked game was launched in December 2007 by Danish Game Developer. The Tank trouble unblocked game is an adventurous unblocked version of tank trouble series. The unblocked game tank trouble has 4 different games to satisfy the users. They are as follows:
  1. Tank Trouble 1
  2. Tank Trouble 2
  3. Tank Trouble 3
  4. Tank Trouble 4
These games allow us to play with only one or two or three players without any need of computing characters. This way you can even enjoy tank trouble unblocked games with friends at school by player 3 player game.

What is Tank Trouble Game & How to Play:

Tank Trouble Game Unblocked is a conquest based game where the players are supposed to play against each other in the maze in order to win the game. In this Unblocked game, any player has to damage or destroy the opponent's tank to win the game. Both the player's tanks with different colours. You should kill the opponent with the bombs present in the tank.

The Bomb blasted by the tanks in the game goes about 20 bounces hitting the walls and after the 20 bounces, the bomb disappears. You will be having a Score counter at the bottom of the game. It updates your score when you destroy the opponent's tank. The tank Trouble Unblocked game offers different power up during the game. Each Power up has its own power. You can even easily change the game difficulty from the settings of the game.

The difficulty levels vary in the game with the mazes. You can use the Maze walls for Security and also change weapons for the tank from settings only. You should use the Maze walls smartly to win the game. You can easily destroy the enemy tank with one bomb where it is in the maze like if it is hidden in the closed corner of the maze. All you have to do is to fire the bomb in such a way that the bomb enters into the closed maze also. The settings can be easily editable and the settings pages are user-friendly. Playing this game with friends will feel like it is a tank trouble deathmatch. That is the reason why i recommend to play this game with friends.

Check this video on How to Play Tank Trouble Unblocked Game.

Game Instructions: (Important Points to Remember)

Keep this points in mind before playing the game tank trouble. So simple instructions they are as followed
  1. Tank Trouble Unblocked can be played with One, Two Or Three players.
  2. You will get Power Ups in the Game time to time. Use those power-ups and destroy the enemy.
  3. They are 7 different weapons in Tank Trouble.
  4. You can Customize your game as you can by going through the settings page.
  5. The Bomb your tanks fires can even hit you back and destroy you. Beware of that.
  6. 5 bombs can be fired in one go.
  7. Scorecard increase only when you hit the enemy.
  8. If you mess up with settings you can always reset to back by pressing the default button in settings.
  9. You can play tank trouble unblocked full screen with one click to open.
So these are the main points which you should remember in order to play the game.

Game Controls:

Tank trouble requires only five keys to control the gameplay. The five keys include the Four Keys to Move in four directions and M Key for Shooting.
  • Single Player: Four Arrows for Four Directions and M key for Shooting.
  • 2 Players: In 2 player case, the second player uses the keys E, S, D and F for moving and Q key for Shooting.
  • 3 Players: In 3 Players case, the third player can control the tank movements using Mouse and Fires by Left Click of the Mouse.
Now you are ready with all the information about the Tank trouble unblocked game. Just make sure to use your Strategy, Attack, Contorl and Survival to destroy the Opponents Tank. Best of Luck for Your Game <3